John Stabb Benefit Compilation

A Man Called Stabb is a multi-volume fan produced benefit compilation for DC Punk Legend, John Stabb of Government Issue, who has recently been experiencing a traumatic slew of health issues. All proceeds will be donated directly to John and his girlfriend, Mina to assist them through these troubling times and ultimately get John back on his feet.   

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man called stabb

John Update #1

Folks, here’s an update on John’s health from Mina.  Keep the donations going.  Big thanks to Peter Buck for his large donation of $1,000.   Someone want to match it?

Dear Hearts: A hard, sharp turn today (2/17/16)with the discovery of another tumor– apparently the cause of John’s terrible nausea this week. Tomorrow, we start chemo to try to shrink the tumor and push back the growth of his cancer. Your continuing love and support have cushioned us at every turn, dear friends, as the floor keeps shifting under our feet. Please keep John in your hearts and minds, streaming your positivity and strong healing energy to him. Love, Mina and JS


Folks, while we’re working on some other fundraising efforts, Kevin Young has set up a donation site to help John and Mina get through this immediate crisis.  Please consider donating as much as you are able to:

The money will really help out in the short term while we look at other ways to help John and Mina out in the long term.

Yours in PMA,