Month: February 2016

Update #2


Hey everyone, I am happy to pass along the latest on John’s condition… this comes directly from Mina Devadas:

Dear Hearts: Like a couple of sharks, we circled the perimeter of the nurses’ station and entire unit tonight–twice! John felt great about this progress and asked me to share this photo with all of you. Chemo, delayed until he could get stronger, starts early next week. Wish us luck! Much love, Mina and JS

Go, John, go!!  All of your support and PMA is helping John and Mina immensely.  Oh, and how do you like the custom OFF! hospital gown Mina made for John?  I’d say fit for an avenging punker.

Much love, Derrick

Auction Items #1


The outpouring of support for John has been fantastic.  We at will be putting together some auction items as well, but others are DIY’ing it, too!

Spontaneous Combustion has some great rare vinyl you can bid on and all proceeds go to John and Mina. Here’s a description and a link:

I am selling a couple rare variations of the Government Issue 7″ I released on my label, Spontaneous Combustion Records, to raise some money for John Stabb as he is battling cancer. I will be giving 100 percent of the sale price to John and Mina to go towards John’s medical expenses while he goes through this horrible battle with cancer.

“What we have here is the G.I.’s First Demo 7” on green vinyl with a handmade alternate sleeve. When I pressed up the 100 green vinyl records years ago I didn’t have enough sleeves so I hand-made 20 of them and released them as a limited edition. I kept a couple of them for myself and there is no better cause for getting rid of this than to hopefully raise some much needed money for John. This record you are bidding on is #3/20. It has never been played and is in mint condition. I stored it in a box ever since I made these.
Buyer to pay all shipping costs.”
Place bid here.

PMA Post #2

Today’s PMA post comes straight from George Hurchalla, author of Going Underground:  American Punk 1979-1989.  This classic book is now in it’s 2nd Edition and below is an excerpt featuring John.  Folks interested in the book can contact George at for a copy.

“We played this show at this reservoir out in the desert near Vegas,” John Stabb remembered of their final tour, “where they set up generators. When we arrive, there’s all this racist graffiti on the walls of the reservoir and immediately we start wondering because of Memphis. We had to get a police escort out of the club in Memphis, because the Nazis who got kicked out of the show were waiting with boards and sticks down the street. This big bouncer called Rebel who threw them out said, ‘Ah, they ain’t gonna be no problem.’ But we had to have the police get us out of there safely. In Vegas, the promoter tells us, yeah, we have some Nazis come to the shows but don’t worry, they won’t start anything. We felt like whores, because we absolutely had to do the show, for the money. Midway through the show, this huge guy in a full stormtrooper outfit is sieg-heiling and goose-stepping in the crowd. At one point the lights went out and our sound guy is like, ‘We’re all gonna die here. They’re going to steal our stuff and kill us.’” This skinhead kid comes up to us after the show and says, “Hey man, great show.” We’re packing up and I’m thinking I didn’t want to do this, but we needed the gas money to get to the next town, and I’m feeling like such a whore. I say to him, “Look, if you’re a part of this Nazi thing—are you a part of it?” He says “Yeah, I am.” I say, “Just go away, I don’t even want to know you.” He comes back, “You don’t even know anything about our whole party and organization.” I lost it. I said, “Look, I don’t want you to like me. Don’t like me. Go home. Burn your GI records. I don’t want you to like us. Go away!” My girlfriend, who was on tour with us, said, “Bad move. Get in the van now.” Because these guys were getting really riled up, a small little group of them. We’re packed up and one of the band members says, “Where did those guys get those boards?” And here come these Nazis staggering drunk toward us with two by fours. The van won’t start. We’re like, oh shit, start the van, get outta here or we’re gonna die. We got out of there, but I told the guy who promoted the show that he was scum.

Government Issue - not exactly who you'd mistake for a Nazi band Photo by Jon Stain

Government Issue – not exactly who you’d mistake for a Nazi band
Photo by Jon Stain

John Update #1

Folks, here’s an update on John’s health from Mina.  Keep the donations going.  Big thanks to Peter Buck for his large donation of $1,000.   Someone want to match it?

Dear Hearts: A hard, sharp turn today (2/17/16)with the discovery of another tumor– apparently the cause of John’s terrible nausea this week. Tomorrow, we start chemo to try to shrink the tumor and push back the growth of his cancer. Your continuing love and support have cushioned us at every turn, dear friends, as the floor keeps shifting under our feet. Please keep John in your hearts and minds, streaming your positivity and strong healing energy to him. Love, Mina and JS

PMA Posts

As we move forward organizing and coordinating additional fundraising for John and Mina,  it’s good to keep it positive.  I encourage everyone to send in pics and stories about John so that we can keep some life affirming energy flowing.  I think we can all agree that being in a hospital, even under the best of circumstances, is a soul sucking experience.

Please send them to or and they’ll be posted up here so John and Mina can see how much we’re all thinking about them.




Folks, while we’re working on some other fundraising efforts, Kevin Young has set up a donation site to help John and Mina get through this immediate crisis.  Please consider donating as much as you are able to:

The money will really help out in the short term while we look at other ways to help John and Mina out in the long term.

Yours in PMA,



John “Stabb” Schroeder Cancer Fund

John “Stabb” Schroeder who is most famously known for his time fronting the 80s Washington DC punk band Government Issue was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer.  On February 7th, Stabb’s soul mate, Mina, posted the news:

Dear Hearts: On behalf of John and per his instructions, I am devastated to share that he has been diagnosed with malignant stomach cancer in addition to having two intestinal tumors removed through his recent surgery. We are crushed by this development and still processing what this means for John in the next weeks. Please keep him close in your hearts. Here, we will keep fighting fiercely like good punks do. Love from both of us to all of you.

Much Love,
Mina & John S

In order to assist John and Mina during this journey, benefit shows are in the works and a GoFundM account has been set up to assist in mounting medical costs and life expenses while John heals and goes through his cancer treatment.  Please see below and help however you can by donating at the link below:

I know both John and Mina thank you for your love and support.

 Much love, Derrick