People, do you believe in magic? I hope you do!  Because we had a very special donation from Across The Pond.  Thanks very much to Simon Young for the PMA and the donation of this SIGNED OFF LP.

Bidding is here for you people that quivering and drooling for this slab of wax.

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Auction Item #7 – RARE 198 Seconds Of The Dils!

Folks,  I had a real great coversation with Bruce Pavitt of Sub Pop fame a couple of weeks ago.  He call John Stabb a legend and generously donated this rare Dils 7 inch from his personal collections.  You’re got a love of music history and music love all in slab of smoking vinyl!!!

All proceeds go to benefit John Stabb and Mina Devadas.  As alway, keep them in your thoughts and bid HERE

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Folks,  I was digging through some boxes in the punk rock archive aka The Garage.  I found a stash of Make An Effort shirts in Xl, 2XL, and 3XL. So, for folks looking for those sizes, hit me up and buy a shirt.  They’re $20 a piece  Help out John and Mina!



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Update #2


Hey everyone, I am happy to pass along the latest on John’s condition… this comes directly from Mina Devadas:

Dear Hearts: Like a couple of sharks, we circled the perimeter of the nurses’ station and entire unit tonight–twice! John felt great about this progress and asked me to share this photo with all of you. Chemo, delayed until he could get stronger, starts early next week. Wish us luck! Much love, Mina and JS

Go, John, go!!  All of your support and PMA is helping John and Mina immensely.  Oh, and how do you like the custom OFF! hospital gown Mina made for John?  I’d say fit for an avenging punker.

Much love, Derrick