Month: May 2016


On May 8, a John Stabb memorial show was held.  We had hoped it would be a benefit, but John passed away the day before.  Many participants signed this screen print in order to help us raise funds to pay off John’s medical bills and provide assistance to his wife, Mina.

The list of signatures includes the following namessmile emoticon

Jim Saah (photographer)
John Moloney (Thurston Moore)
Thurston Moore
Alec MacKaye (Untouchables)
Amanda Mackaye (Organizer)
Ian Mackaye (Fugazi, Minor Threat)
Skeeter Thompson (Scream)
J. Robbins (Burning Airlines, Government issue, Jawbox)
Brooks harlan (Avec, War on Women, Office of Future Plans)
Tom Berard (historian)
Gordon Withers (Bells, Pauses, Office of Future Plans)
Scott Crawford (filmmaker)
Tom Lyle (government issue)
Brendan Canty (Fugazi)
Devin Ocampo (medications, Beauty Pill)
Danny Ingram (youth brigade, Dot Dash)
Hunter Bennett (Dot Dash)
Terry Banks (Dot Dash)
Nathan Strejcek (Youth Brigade, Teen Idles)
Dante Ferrando (Grey Matter, Owner-Black Cat)
Peter Moffett (Government issue)
Shawn Brown (Dag Nasty)
Phil Venable (organizer)
Janet Morgan (Channels, Shonben)
Anna Connolly (photographer)


2016-05-11 16.40.32


Folks, someone generously donated this from their collection to help out Mina.

2016-05-16 17.44.45

This is an original pressing of Dischord #4, Government Issue’s Legless Bull EP.  Only 1,000 of these were made.  Classic harDCore.  


For Sale: John Stabb, Riding for Candyland, 1991 – 1993


John Stabb “Riding For Candyland, 1991-1993″ is now out.  It’s some of his best non-Government Issue work that John’s done all in one handy new package. I have 60 copies of this CD for SALE.  Drop me a line and I’ll ship it on out to you.  It’s a flat $20 that includes S&H.

If you prefer digital, you can get it on iTunes here:

It includes songs from the band STABB and Emma Peel, bands who feature members of Minor Threat, Youth Brigade, Dot Dash, Octopus, Madhouse, Strange Boutique, Landspeedrecord! and many others. All proceeds from this release go to Mina Devadas to cover bills, etc. so please buy a copy.



Folks,  while John is no longer with us, his wife Mina is.  She has been a tireless advocate for him.  She did not work the entire time John was hospitalized.  Between health care bills, food, shelter and no income; she still needs our help.

We have a number of items left to sell or auction and we will do so to help out Mina for all she has done for John and to take care of her.  She deserves all our love and support.

I’ll be putting more items up, but I’d like to draw your attention to one I put up last week.  Please bid HERE.

This is a theatrical size poster (18 x 24) from the The Damned documentary “Don’t You Wish We Were Dead.”  It has been signed by the current lineup of The Damned: Dave Vanian, Pinch, Monty, Stu and The Captain.  All profits go to benefit Mina Devadas to help pay for expenses related to John Stabb of Government Issue/History Repeated

2016-05-04 14.56.52 2016-05-04 14.56.47


Long Live John Stabb! 1961 – 2016

As I’m sure many of you know, John Stabb passed away early Saturday evening.  He was with those who loved him and it was very peaceful.  All his suffering is over and he’s now part of the infinite. I will miss him more than I can say.

I never played in a legendary hardcore band nor was I ever in a band with John.  My memories of John revolve around hanging out at shows or at the townhouse I shared with Lou Perez and Sean Epstein.  I can still see him sitting on the ratty green vinyl chair in the living room.  Later, I helped book a few shows for the band he fronted, History Repeated.

First and foremost, John was always a good friend and a good man.  He was always supportive of my ideas.  As a matter of fact, sometimes he was more enthusiastic about them than I was!  He had a crazy energy and a light around him that few people do.

It’s sad to use the past tense describing John, but that’s just describing his physical being.   It’s up to us to remember his ferocious love of life, his tenacity to be creative in the face of overwhelming odds, and his intense devotion to his friends and loved ones.  We should all take a lesson from that.

John Stabb will live on forever.

Thank you,


Limited Edition Chad Brady Screen Prints

Extremely limited copies of this Chad Brady screenprint will be sold this Sunday at the Black Cat. All profit goes to benefit John Stabb andMina Devadas as they continue to battle John’s stomach cancer. Big thanks to Rebecca Hammel for allowing us to use her iconic photo of John.

Any remaining copies will be sold online. Interested folks let me know. No promises, but we’ll use your interest to help with the final number of copies.