Long Live John Stabb! 1961 – 2016

As I’m sure many of you know, John Stabb passed away early Saturday evening.  He was with those who loved him and it was very peaceful.  All his suffering is over and he’s now part of the infinite. I will miss him more than I can say.

I never played in a legendary hardcore band nor was I ever in a band with John.  My memories of John revolve around hanging out at shows or at the townhouse I shared with Lou Perez and Sean Epstein.  I can still see him sitting on the ratty green vinyl chair in the living room.  Later, I helped book a few shows for the band he fronted, History Repeated.

First and foremost, John was always a good friend and a good man.  He was always supportive of my ideas.  As a matter of fact, sometimes he was more enthusiastic about them than I was!  He had a crazy energy and a light around him that few people do.

It’s sad to use the past tense describing John, but that’s just describing his physical being.   It’s up to us to remember his ferocious love of life, his tenacity to be creative in the face of overwhelming odds, and his intense devotion to his friends and loved ones.  We should all take a lesson from that.

John Stabb will live on forever.

Thank you,


John Update #1

Folks, here’s an update on John’s health from Mina.  Keep the donations going.  Big thanks to Peter Buck for his large donation of $1,000.   Someone want to match it?


Dear Hearts: A hard, sharp turn today (2/17/16)with the discovery of another tumor– apparently the cause of John’s terrible nausea this week. Tomorrow, we start chemo to try to shrink the tumor and push back the growth of his cancer. Your continuing love and support have cushioned us at every turn, dear friends, as the floor keeps shifting under our feet. Please keep John in your hearts and minds, streaming your positivity and strong healing energy to him. Love, Mina and JS