John “Stabb” Schroeder Cancer Fund

John “Stabb” Schroeder who is most famously known for his time fronting the 80s Washington DC punk band Government Issue was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer.  On February 7th, Stabb’s soul mate, Mina, posted the news:

Dear Hearts: On behalf of John and per his instructions, I am devastated to share that he has been diagnosed with malignant stomach cancer in addition to having two intestinal tumors removed through his recent surgery. We are crushed by this development and still processing what this means for John in the next weeks. Please keep him close in your hearts. Here, we will keep fighting fiercely like good punks do. Love from both of us to all of you.

Much Love,
Mina & John S

In order to assist John and Mina during this journey, benefit shows are in the works and a GoFundM account has been set up to assist in mounting medical costs and life expenses while John heals and goes through his cancer treatment.  Please see below and help however you can by donating at the link below:

I know both John and Mina thank you for your love and support.

 Much love, Derrick

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