Folks, the guys of OFF!  have graciously donated an album signed by all four members.  All proceeds go to help out Mina and John.


2016-03-16 16.26.20


Here’s the description up on eBay:

“This signed OFF! LP is being auctioned off to help pay for John Stabb’s (of Government Issue) medical treatment.  Please give as much as you can.  For additional donations, please go to https://www.gofundme dot com/7ynrv45w

This LP has been signed by all four OFF! members: Dimitri Coats, Steven McDonald, Mario Rubalcaba, and Keith Morris.

This LP is in VERY GOOD condition.  The LP appears to be in pristine condition, but the corners of the cover have been slightly folded in transport. The LP also comes with an insert and download card.”

Big early and often here!

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