Calvin Johnson/K Records

Folks, we’ve been working on  compilation record to help raise money for John’s treatment.  It’ll be distributed by Dischord most likely.  While we still working on it, I’d like to say we recruited Calvin Johnson to perform GI’s “I’m James Dean” and he jumped at the chance.

I had a lovely phone call with him early today and we were just chatting away.  He mentioned that K Records is shutting down it’s studio and that the GI cover was one of the last things done in it.  K Records is moving into new digs and it’ll be a smaller cozier place.  To make some space they’ve got a huge sale going on.

Those of us who play and love underground music know that it goes beyond tunes.  It’s also about fostering a community and looking out for it.  Please consider buying something from K Records HERE.

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