For Sale: John Stabb, Riding for Candyland, 1991 – 1993


John Stabb “Riding For Candyland, 1991-1993″ is now out.  It’s some of his best non-Government Issue work that John’s done all in one handy new package. I have 60 copies of this CD for SALE.  Drop me a line and I’ll ship it on out to you.  It’s a flat $20 that includes S&H.

If you prefer digital, you can get it on iTunes here:

It includes songs from the band STABB and Emma Peel, bands who feature members of Minor Threat, Youth Brigade, Dot Dash, Octopus, Madhouse, Strange Boutique, Landspeedrecord! and many others. All proceeds from this release go to Mina Devadas to cover bills, etc. so please buy a copy.


One comment

  1. Government Issue will always be my #1 punk band. John wrote music that was catchy and meaningful. His presence in Washington, DC was and will always be needed. We need a voice like no other no matter what genre of music to say SOMETHING as to how we feel about certain things.

    I can’t stop listening to the music of Government Issue because like many, there is something there for me to take heed to. Man In A Trap was a song I related to being married to this girl who I grew to despise. That song pulled me from the psychological hate for this woman and made me whole again. A song did that.

    Listen, John, I will miss you and to honor you I will support your wife by making a donation or two and play every song Government Issue wrote when I buy my new Dodge Challenger and play it loudly.

    I love you, man.


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