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Back at it! Boycott Cancer shirts!


We at johnstabb were pretty bummed out over the month of June.   But it’s July and our guy showed up in the world on July 12, 1961 so we’re gonna rally.

We have a bunch of Boycott Cancer shirts left and unfortunately, medical bills left  too!  Please consider buying an awesome shirt and helping out the cause! Just email


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Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know we have BOYCOTT CANCER shirts left.  Please consider buying one.  $20 with S&H included.  All profits go to help Mina Devadas pay off John’s treatment bills.

Boycott Cancer Shirts Pre-Order!

2016-03-18 19.47.51Folks, we’re about to place a big order for shirts to sell up in DC at the Boycott Cancer shows the weekend of 5/7.

Now, we know that everyone who wants a shirt will not be able to attend the shows.  So, to let people continue to help out John and Mina and get a cool shirt as well, we’re going to let folks place pre-orders for mail order shirts.  Just email Make sure you get a confirmation, because Phil is overworked but want to be a good guy.  If you don’t get a confirmation, just nag him.  He can take it…maybe.

PRE-ORDERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER 4/17!!  So, order now because once the shirts are ordered, that’s all folks!


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The world famous and talented graphic artist Brian Walsby graciously donated his time and creativity to come up with this kickass graphic!  We’ll be using this for some benefit shows on May 7 and May 8.  We plan on selling some t shirts and screen printed posters of this image at the shows.

For folks who can’t make it to the shows, but would like a shirt, please hit me up here, on FB or headonmb at gmail dot com.  We’ll try and make it happen!!


GI Shirts for Sale – All Proceeds Go To John and Mina

In December 2012, yours truly helped Government Issue make some shirts to sell at the Salad Days shows at the Black Cat in DC.  Living in North Carolina, I asked noted graphic artist Brian Walsby to create a design.  What he came up with was awesome.  So awesome that he is working with for a fundraising graphic.

The Salad Days shows were a great weekend of DC punk rock.  I helped run GI’s merch table and sold some shirts and met a lot of great people.

I have some of these shirts left over.  I’d like to sell you one to help raise funds for John and Mina.  A shirt will be a flat $20 and include shipping and handling.

Hit me up here or at headonmb at gmail dot com and we can see what size you want, address, payment, etc.




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