On May 8, a John Stabb memorial show was held.  We had hoped it would be a benefit, but John passed away the day before.  Many participants signed this screen print in order to help us raise funds to pay off John’s medical bills and provide assistance to his wife, Mina.

The list of signatures includes the following namessmile emoticon

Jim Saah (photographer)
John Moloney (Thurston Moore)
Thurston Moore
Alec MacKaye (Untouchables)
Amanda Mackaye (Organizer)
Ian Mackaye (Fugazi, Minor Threat)
Skeeter Thompson (Scream)
J. Robbins (Burning Airlines, Government issue, Jawbox)
Brooks harlan (Avec, War on Women, Office of Future Plans)
Tom Berard (historian)
Gordon Withers (Bells, Pauses, Office of Future Plans)
Scott Crawford (filmmaker)
Tom Lyle (government issue)
Brendan Canty (Fugazi)
Devin Ocampo (medications, Beauty Pill)
Danny Ingram (youth brigade, Dot Dash)
Hunter Bennett (Dot Dash)
Terry Banks (Dot Dash)
Nathan Strejcek (Youth Brigade, Teen Idles)
Dante Ferrando (Grey Matter, Owner-Black Cat)
Peter Moffett (Government issue)
Shawn Brown (Dag Nasty)
Phil Venable (organizer)
Janet Morgan (Channels, Shonben)
Anna Connolly (photographer)


2016-05-11 16.40.32

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Boycott Cancer – A Benefit for John Stabb

WHO: Boycott Cancer organization
WHAT: Collective of DC hardcore musicians and fans throwing a benefit concert for John Stabb
WHEN: Sunday, May 8, 8pm to midnight.
WHERE: Black Cat, 1811 14th St. NW, Washington, DC

WHY: Legendary frontman John Stabb of DC hardcore band Government Issue is suffering from malignant stomach cancer. Boycott Cancer is an organization formed to help raise funds for he and his wife’s living expenses and his cancer treatment. This concert is one fundraiser in addition to other projects being worked on to benefit John.

Subject: Boycott Cancer – A Benefit for John Stabb
On Wednesday, January 20th, after feeling nauseous the night before/contemplating cancelling his History Repeated show, John Stabb went to the ER having severe pain in his stomach. He was released from the hospital two days later. After a week at home, John went back to the ER on Friday January 29th for an emergency operation.

After a week of recovery in the hospital, on Saturday February 6th, John was diagnosed with malignant stomach cancer in addition to having two intestinal tumors removed through his surgery the week before.

John’s soul mate, Mina, has been by his side day and night (with short trips home to take care of their pets and to wash clothes).

Mina’s boss has been incredibly supportive to allow Mina the time off from work in order to take care of John during this critical time and to help him through the stages of cancer treatment. However, there is a financial toll that John and Mina face of unpaid leave of absence from their jobs under the FMLA.

In order to assist John and Mina during this journey, this concert has been set up to assist in life expenses while John heals and goes through his cancer treatment.

Auctions, music compilations, and other fundraising items may be viewed at http://www.johnstabb.com

Tickets: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1157781?utm_medium=bks

Cost : $15
Contact: Phil Venable – venable.phil (a t) gmail (d o t) com

Tom Berard – tom (a t) tomberard (d o t) com

Derrick Baranowsky – pedalboard (a t) hotmail (d o t) com

Press Contact: Phil Venable – 703-447-3522

Performers include:

Thurston Moore (of Sonic Youth) – http://www.thurstonmoore.com

J Robbins Band (new band J Robbins of Jawbox)

GIVE – DC new up and coming hardcore – https://givemusical.bandcamp.com/