mina devadas


Folks,  while John is no longer with us, his wife Mina is.  She has been a tireless advocate for him.  She did not work the entire time John was hospitalized.  Between health care bills, food, shelter and no income; she still needs our help.

We have a number of items left to sell or auction and we will do so to help out Mina for all she has done for John and to take care of her.  She deserves all our love and support.

I’ll be putting more items up, but I’d like to draw your attention to one I put up last week.  Please bid HERE.

This is a theatrical size poster (18 x 24) from the The Damned documentary “Don’t You Wish We Were Dead.”  It has been signed by the current lineup of The Damned: Dave Vanian, Pinch, Monty, Stu and The Captain.  All profits go to benefit Mina Devadas to help pay for expenses related to John Stabb of Government Issue/History Repeated

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