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Auction Item #6 THE TETRALOGY– SIGNED COPY of Going Underground!!!

Folks, today I found out quadrilogy is not a word, but tetralogy is.  SO……

As promised another copy is up for bidding right HERE!!

George Hurchalla, the talented author of Going Underground: American Punk 1979  – 1989, has donated 10 signed copies of the 2nd Edition to the cause.  I’ll be putting a copy up each day!   And don’t forget, you’ll have chances at other copies!!

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These guys are incredibly generous and have been long time fans of John’s.  Big big thanks to them and Amy Hairston at the R.E.M. office!!

“A pretty awesome auction item donated by R.E.M. Peter Buck has been a GI fan for a long time.  When informed of this he donated a chunk of change for John’s treatment and the R.E.M. office went even further by offering up this poster for auction.

This is a mock up of the Olympic concerts that took place in 2007.  Recordings from those concerts were turned in the Live at The Olympic release.

It’s roughly 9 X 16 inches and in great condition.  Signed by Peter Buck, Mike Mills, and Michael Stipe.  It includes a postcard from the R.E.M. office.  I will ship it in the packaging sent to me by R.E.M. HQ.”


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Auction Item #7 – RARE 198 Seconds Of The Dils!

Folks,  I had a real great coversation with Bruce Pavitt of Sub Pop fame a couple of weeks ago.  He call John Stabb a legend and generously donated this rare Dils 7 inch from his personal collections.  You’re got a love of music history and music love all in slab of smoking vinyl!!!

All proceeds go to benefit John Stabb and Mina Devadas.  As alway, keep them in your thoughts and bid HERE

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Auction Item #6 – MULTIPLE SIGNED COPIES of Going Underground!!!

George Hurchalla, the talented author of Going Underground: American Punk 1979  – 1989, has donated 10 signed copies of the 2nd Edition to the cause.  I’ll be putting a copy up each day!  So go a bid on the first one here!  And don’t forget, you’ll have chances at other copies!!


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An illustrated and wide-ranging survey of the underground U.S. punk scene in the 1980s The product of decades of work and multiple self-published editions, “Going Underground,” written by 1980s scene veteran George Hurchalla, is the most comprehensive look yet at America s nationwide underground punk scene. Despite the misguided mainstream press declarations that punk died with Sid Vicious or that punk was reborn with Nirvana, Hurchalla followed the DIY spirit of punk underground, where it not only survived but thrived nationally as a self-sustaining grassroots movement rooted in seedy clubs, rented fire halls, xeroxed zines, and indie record shops. Rather than dwell on well-documented suspects and trendsetters from LA, NY, and DC, Hurchalla delves deep into the underground s underbelly to root out stories from Chicago, Philadelphia, Austin, Lawrence, Annapolis, Cincinnati, Florida, and elsewhere. Like most of the truly great books on punk that have emerged to date, Hurchalla mixes his personal experiences with the words of dozens of band members, promoters, artists, zinesters, and scenesters. This revised second edition includes new photos, zine scans, and flyer collections from around the United States.”



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The world famous and talented graphic artist Brian Walsby graciously donated his time and creativity to come up with this kickass graphic!  We’ll be using this for some benefit shows on May 7 and May 8.  We plan on selling some t shirts and screen printed posters of this image at the shows.

For folks who can’t make it to the shows, but would like a shirt, please hit me up here, on FB or headonmb at gmail dot com.  We’ll try and make it happen!!


GI Shirts for Sale – All Proceeds Go To John and Mina

In December 2012, yours truly helped Government Issue make some shirts to sell at the Salad Days shows at the Black Cat in DC.  Living in North Carolina, I asked noted graphic artist Brian Walsby to create a design.  What he came up with was awesome.  So awesome that he is working with for a fundraising graphic.

The Salad Days shows were a great weekend of DC punk rock.  I helped run GI’s merch table and sold some shirts and met a lot of great people.

I have some of these shirts left over.  I’d like to sell you one to help raise funds for John and Mina.  A shirt will be a flat $20 and include shipping and handling.

Hit me up here or at headonmb at gmail dot com and we can see what size you want, address, payment, etc.




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John Stabb Benefit Compilation

A Man Called Stabb is a multi-volume fan produced benefit compilation for DC Punk Legend, John Stabb of Government Issue, who has recently been experiencing a traumatic slew of health issues. All proceeds will be donated directly to John and his girlfriend, Mina to assist them through these troubling times and ultimately get John back on his feet.   

Go HERE to purchase!


man called stabb

Auction Items #1


The outpouring of support for John has been fantastic.  We at will be putting together some auction items as well, but others are DIY’ing it, too!

Spontaneous Combustion has some great rare vinyl you can bid on and all proceeds go to John and Mina. Here’s a description and a link:

I am selling a couple rare variations of the Government Issue 7″ I released on my label, Spontaneous Combustion Records, to raise some money for John Stabb as he is battling cancer. I will be giving 100 percent of the sale price to John and Mina to go towards John’s medical expenses while he goes through this horrible battle with cancer.

“What we have here is the G.I.’s First Demo 7” on green vinyl with a handmade alternate sleeve. When I pressed up the 100 green vinyl records years ago I didn’t have enough sleeves so I hand-made 20 of them and released them as a limited edition. I kept a couple of them for myself and there is no better cause for getting rid of this than to hopefully raise some much needed money for John. This record you are bidding on is #3/20. It has never been played and is in mint condition. I stored it in a box ever since I made these.
Buyer to pay all shipping costs.”
Place bid here.